Fold Me Up!

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Cut them out. Fold them up. Have fun.

A grown-up twist on a childhood classic—exquisitely designed paper fortune-tellers. Cootie catchers aren’t just for kids anymore! These 100 paper fortune-tellers provide a fresh take on a childhood favorite with answers/strategies for handling tough adult situations and answering important life dilemmas like:

  • Should you have another cocktail?
  • What Jane Austen heroine are you?
  • Your ’80s movie alter ego
  • I’m breaking up with you (with this cootie catcher)
  • What would Mr. T do?
  • The hipster wedding decoration
  • Important messages from cute puppies
  • Emergency excuse generator

Each fortune-teller features a unique and colorful design created specifically for this collection, including contributions from such design luminaries as Noah Scalin (creator of the Skull-a-Day project), Stefan Bucher (creator of, textile designer Jessica Jones, illustrator Lisa Congdon and more. (There are even a few blank ones so you can get out what’s on your mind.)


Praise for Fold Me Up!

“Now a new book takes the whole fortune teller phenomenon, also known as cootie catchers, to colorful and epic new levels. The book Fold Me Up: 100 Paper Fortune-Tellers for Life’s Pressing Questions by Michelle Taute might be for grown ups, but the kids and I made a few together anyway. We giggled.”


“It’s the perfect thing to have at the ready for your next party: Tear them out, fold them up, solve the mysteries of the world with your friends.”


“The best part? Writer Michelle Taute and graphic designer Kelly Kofron have made sure that each Fortune Teller is good-looking and funny—this book is definitely cool enough to hang out with on a Saturday night.”